Our vision is to help individuals, teams and organisations fulfil their full potential, so that they can have the positive impact that they want to see in the world.

We aim to achieve our vision by delivering quality, effective and timely training, mentoring and facilitation.


Since being founded in 2005, mch has publicly articulated three core values which support its vision:

  1. Quality: We take pride in our work and are proud of the standards we maintain. A consequence of this value is that we only take on work when we believe we have the expertise and time to do an outstanding job.
  2. Integrity: In our view, integrity involves being true to oneself and to the client. In this respect, we only take on work if we believe it can make a sustained, lasting and distinctive improvement to the client.
  3. Balance: We are mindful that our consultants and clients have a life outside work and that work is rarely, if ever, the most important thing in life. We endeavour to not only respect this view but embrace it.

Since 2005, mch’s founder, Mark Hughes, has increasingly become aware that we only have one set of values. Consequently, mch operates in a way which aligns with all of Mark’s values, not just the three listed above. For a full list of company values and for an explanation as to how they have arisen, click here.

Our vision and values also impact on the way mch operates and more information in relation to our operations can be found in our annual corporate social responsibility reports.

Are you ready to increase your positive impact?