Research has shown that mentoring brings significant benefits to organisations:

  1. Positive Impact
    96% of companies stated that coaching/mentoring had a positive impact on the individual and 95% stated that it had a positive impact on the organisation
    Institute of Leadership and Management Survey of 250 Companies, 2012

  2. Retention
    77% of companies report that mentoring programmes are effective in increasing retention
    US Center for Creative Leadership

  3. Increased Job Satisfaction
    Individuals who have a mentor often report greater job satisfaction
    Riley and Wrench 1985


Thanks a lot! This would not have been achieved without you.

Hussein Natsheh, 18 November 2009

Hussein Natsheh Read Hussein Al-Natsheh’s Story >

As in Hussein’s case, the benefits of mentoring can be very practical and tangible. The following testimonials also illustrate mentoring’s role in developing less quantifiable areas of life, such as confidence. It can also help answer some of life’s profound questions e.g. ‘What do I want to do with my life?’

“Thank you so much for the mentoring session. It was so useful to discuss the issues around recruitment and it gave me confidence in my thought processes.”

mch mentee

“I had reached a crisis point. The time spent with you, the things I was able to share and the realisations I was able to make, led to me making a very positive change and I am much, much happier at work and therefore at home.”

mch mentee

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